Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today, at the gas station...

I live in a colorful area where people have colorful language.
At the gas station today, I got to witness/hear the following
Older teen girl with fuscia hair, purple tank top, green and black mini skirt, and red, knee high high heeled boots, talking to an older man with a blue mohawk in standard biker wear

"Don't you go on looking at me like I am a freak! I got me an aducation and a good job just so I could look however I damn well chose! I don't see you doing anyhting with your time mr smurf-head"
dude: "I was just checking out the taillight on my bike!"
"sure, they always say that they looking at something other than me, but I KNOW it's always me"
dude:"this is why paranoid people shouldn't dye their hair, now I'm gonna be late to see my accountant."

This exchange cracked me up for two reasons, one, blue hair dude WAS looking at the tailight on his beautiful bike, two, having had interesting hair and clothing styles in the past, it is fairly rediculous for one to believe that NO ONE will look if you have 'unique" hair and clothing choices- he was not ogling, or being rude, if he was looking at her, it wasn't noticable.

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