Thursday, April 09, 2009

really, one defunct body part isn't enough?

So, a long, long time ago, in a city far away, well, on foot, at least, I was diagnosed with achille's tendonitis, and platar's fasciitis. What this essentially means is that my left foot is totally fucked.

For a decent amount of the time, it's tolerable. I amalmost alwaysin some small amount of pain, but it's negligable. Sometimes, it's worse, Ineed abrace for my ankle and foot, occasionaly I will need a cane or crutches. On rare occasions, it does what it is doing now. The pain comes out of no where. The ankle and foot will be fine one moment, and then,, in an instant, it will be in incredible, searing, agonizing, acute, pain.

Nothing is helping, not heat, not cold, not over the counter painkillers. I really don't want to take a vicodin, but I willif I need to, and pray that it helps.
I cannot focus, I cannot consentrate, I can barely function. I am so glad that I have other adultsin the house right now, to deal with the kids.

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