Monday, April 06, 2009


April is national autism awareness month. I have been 'informed' of this by too many people to count in hte last six days.Seriously, do you walk up to a black dude in February and go "Hey, did you know it's black history month?"Do people walk up to women with children on mother's day and go "Hey, did you know it's mother's day today?"Do people look at you on your birthday and go "Oh, by the way, today is your birthday, just so you know, maybe you might want to do something, being as how it's the day you were born and all" and be serious about it? I have a child on the autism spectrum, I am totally aware that it is Autism Awareness Month. Even if I didn't remember, any one of the websites or organizations or societies that deal with Autism that I belong to would have reminded me.I honestly appreciate the sentiment, I do, and I know it's your way of saying that you care about me and the boys, but still, I know, stop reminding me that there is a month devoted to the awareness of something that I HAVE to be aware of every second, of every minute, of every day.

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