Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Serving sizes must have been figured out by the densest person on earth!
They are entirely subjective. A serving of small, easy to measure croutons? 2 tablespoons. A serving of large, hard to measure croutons? 2tablespoons.
Rice, pasta, and the like is roughly 1/3 of a cup. A serving of popcorn is 3 cups popped. Everyone keeps telling me, rather cheerilly, that 3 cups of popcorn is a isn't.
A serving of salad greens/babyspinach/and the like is TADAAA 3cups. People keep trying to tell me that even though 3 cups of popcorn is a lot, that three cups of greens isn't a lot. WRONG!!! Three cups of baby spring lattuces and baby spinach is a shite-ton of food!!!

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