Friday, June 15, 2007


Last thursday, that would be eight days ago, I went in for the first "yearly" physical I have had in quite sometime. Having multiple kids in a relatively short timeframe can really mess up your timeframes, especially with all the tests that are run before, during, and after a pregnancy.
My Dr pulled a rediculous amount of blood, to run a rediculous number of labs. She knew I was concerned about three things in particular, my weight, diabetes, and thyroid issues. We also scheduled an appointment with the clinics dietician. My results were not in when I saw the dietician on wed, but she put me on the same plan as she would is I were diabetic, overweight, had a thyroid issue, or was just trying to be preventative.
I am now in the land of counting carbs and fat, and measuring my food. I really had no concept of portion size-period, I need to eat ergularly, and I need to journal my food. I am not to be weighed any more than once every other week, which is fine, since I don't own a scale. I figure one weighing a month will be at the clinic, for the other one, I will go to the in-laws an use their awesomely accurate digital scale. My first goal is 7 percent of my body weight. That will drastically reduce anyones chances of becoming diabetic, or pre-diabetic.

I am sooo glad that this was my goal, and that this was my diet, being my test results came back yesterday. A fasting blood glucose between 110 and 125 is prediabetic, anything over 125 is diabetic. I was at a 109. Yep one-oh-nine. I am right on the borderline for pre-diabetes. As long as I follow my eating plan, excersize, and lose weight-I should be okay. We seem to have cought me just at the edge of the precipice. I am sooooo totally motivated right now, and being my co-pay is only 20 per visit, and I see her once a month, my dietician is ultimately cheaper that WW or any other programs.
On the plus side, my choloesterol is awesome, my thyroid hormone is lower-normal, but good, and I posess a ludicrous number of platelets...I am the QUEEN of clotting!!!

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