Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today, when I went out to bring the garbage can to the curb, I almost tripped over a box that was stratigically placed right inside my fron porch door. I was rahter upset, because, honestly, who in their right mind would place a box right inside the front door! Why, the UPS man, of course! Hermes summer activity book arived today! YAY!!! I've looked through it, and my innitial thoughts on the book were correct. Unless I ration the pages and science activities to him, he will have it completed in near record time. It is a good refresher of what he learned in Kindergarten, and more importantly, it will hemmer home some english reading and writing skills. I figure we will start in on Monday. Monday we will also start at the Better Chinese website, so he will have daily review of his Mandarin...cannot send him back to school rusty now, can we?

We will be waiting until Monday to start, because we have much activity and excitement in the house right now. On friday, Hermes leaves for a two night camping trip with the FIL. Getting ready to go camping is taking much time and energy. We must pack just the right clothing for any possible weather conditions, swim trunks, fishing clothes-and how those differ from jeans and a t-shirt is beyond me. Light weight pyjammies, heavier weight pajammers-just in case it's cool out, you know. And yes, Hermes does differentiate between pyjammies and pajammers-I have no clue the difference, again.

Depending on the weather, and since Hermes is doing something fun, the MIL, myself, Hubby, and our friend NavyBoy might take our combined kids to Como or the Children's Museum. Frankly, I would be content to just sit around the house and watch the Toddler Death Match Royale, but, no...if one is doing something fun, they all must do something fun...damn fairness.
Possibly, a trip to the drive-in might happen. With Hermes gone, it will leave us with just the younger kids...the kids who don't need to use the potty every fifteen minutes if the movie gets a little scary, the kids who wil be asleep shortly after the movie starts, if not before. Devious, quite possibly, the only way I get to see movies, affordably, without rangling child-care? Most definitely.

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