Thursday, April 05, 2007

saturday saturday saturday nigh-igh-ight

This saturday, Buddha, my babiest of babies, turns one year old, and officially enters the age of toddlerhood.
Thor is speaking more and more daily.
Hermes is awesome, and really, very smart. He'll tell you so-often.
When Buddha turns the age that Hermes is now, Hermes will be going on ten...that's DOUBLE DIGITS PEOPLE!!!!
I cannot believe it has been a year, already. I can hardly believe that at this exact moment, one year ago, I was crying on the phone to Hubby, because they were going to make me wait two more whole days before they'd induce.
You still have your Yoda ears, and every now and then, I wonder if you'll for stilted, slightly awkward sentances when speaking you start doing...yes.
I am going to start working on the weekends soon, and wonder if somehow you'll know I was home more with your brothers at this age, and resent me. Then I tell myself it's all hogwash.
Happy first, Buddha, may you remain healthy, happy and strong, and hopefully go basck to being peacefull and serene again. I would much prefer that over the excited shrieking at four in the morning becase Ohmygod!! You're standing, and!!!

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