Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moving on the eastside....

It looks like Hubby and I will be the proud owners of a teeny tiny house. We looked at it orginaly as a lease-to-own, and discussed all the things we could do to turn it into the perfect home. It will take time, blood, sweat and tears, but we were willing to put that in.
The person selling the house asked if we mined him having a finance person get in touch with us, just to see, and we said sure, but we doubted anything could be done.
Finance Dude looked at our info, and doubted anything could be done, but got the required stuff together to run it and see-as he said, his job is to try, and he don't make money by keeping people out of homes. Surprisingly enough, we qualify for a FannieMae Flex100-which, btw is not sub prime-it is all on the up and up, and all things looking like the lender will approve us, and we'll be homeowners.
Honestly, the house is ultry tiny-it is a wee little home, but addinf dormers in the upstairs bedroom will open the space up alot, redoing the bathroom setup will help alot, and eventually, we could biuld up a full second level, and even about ten to fifteen feet out into the HUGE back yard. Yeah, that's right, a big ass fenced in back yard!!
So, faithful readership of family and maybe three other folks, watch here for updates on the homeownership!

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