Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's 7:30. The older two are sitting at the table, eating cereal. Hermes is ready to go to the Palace of Learning and Knowledge-rather excited that it's just today and tomorrow, then spring break. He wonders if he'll get extra homeowrk, since he'll be out of school for a week. I assure him that if he runs out of work, I'll be able to find something for him.
Thor is being very quiet right now. He is picking up more understandable words every day, and slowing down when he talks-the combination os stunning. He still asks "Can you hear me?", every now and again. A friend of mine who has an adult son who is much like Thor said that her boy could never quite tell if he was thinking, speaking aloud, or yelling-might be something to look into with Thor. He is doing amazing at eating cereal with milk and not spilling...we can also see that he is this close to finally mastering drinking rom a standard cup.
Buddha is being rather serene at the moment. His moments of serenity are far and few these days-as he is learning and discovering new skills, he wants o try them. He gets frustrated that his meager words cannot describe everything, he is excited by the food he is getting now, and the mobility! If he had the skills, he would write an ode to walking, standing, and jumping. He is also trying to not sleep, unless he is in the crib, so no more convenient for me naps in the playpen, but now I can do things in the main floor while he's napping, without fear of waking him.

Me? I'm good. I put in an application to waitress on the weekend, bring in a little extra cash, get me in a little better shape, all in one fell swoop. Hubby thinks it's great-as it will also force alone time for him and the pantheon. All three boys are at an age where Poppa is the center of their universe, and he wants to milk it for all it's worth, as he knows it wont last long. Granted, it will come back again, but to have all three want him at the same time, though frustrating, is noce, for both uf us.

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