Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy spring, and other things

7:07 pm-vernal equinox. Happy Spring, everyone. If the weathermen can be trusted, we might actually warm up a bit, mid fifties and rain in just a few days! Granted, there's a;ways the 'Easter Squall' to watch for, as my grandma would put it.
All of the kids are doing fairly well. We are pretty sure that Thor has started saying 'No', and 'I'mmmmm' both of wich are majorly huge breakthroughs. We'll see if the loquaciosnous carries on. Buddha is becoming more and more self-sufficient every day. More mobile, more stable, more gabby. We have conferences for the oh so modest (I'm very smart, you know!) Hermes on wednesday...Hubby and I are really looking forward to it!
I'm in the process of drinking rediculous quantities of water for an ultrasound I am having in just shy of an hour. They want to check for polyps, cysts, and fibroids...on the thirtieth I go in and get the US results, as well as results from the rediculous quatities of blood they took a week and a half ago---hopefully, it will be an issue with my Thyroid-that would wrap everything up in an easily treated package that explains everything. Otherwise, it's more testing...woohoo!

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