Friday, October 13, 2006

two years ago

Two years ago today, Thor was born. Out of my three baby birthing experiences, his was by far the most painful, which is funny, cause he was also the smallest at birth, which is funny cause he is HUGE now. I remember being very afraid that something might be wrong, he was missing one vessel in the umbilical cord, and it was not a text-book pregnancy. He was fine, thank god, and within a few minutes of being born had everyone in the room giggling. If he was covered and swaddled, no crying, but as soon as he had exposed skin, he screamed and cryed, and stopped! just as soon as he was covered again. Over the course of his life to this point, we have dealed with multiple ear infections, baby asthma, colic, I don't know how many bumps on the heads, falling downs, pinched fingers, and tantrums. Thor has never been a quiet child, ever. When he is not happy, you know, when he is happy, you know. He was eating solids early, and able to suck down an eight ounce bottle in record time by the time he was five months. He was late to crawl, and walk, but jumps like a pro. Now, he goes up and down the stairs, walks backwards, and is trying o stand on one foot and summersault. Every now and then, like last night, he will force himself to stay up so late that he finally has a melt down and passes out, only to wake up two hours later and do it all again. He bullies his big brother and want's to help take care of his baby brother to the point of being an hindrance. Every now and then he will speak a full sentance, or clearly say a word like spaghetti, only to not say anything for hours, sometimes days, after.
After the extreme pain of childbirth, the frustration of colic, the inner turmoil over his not talking and being like other kids, he brings me such joy. He loves music, hugs and kisses, sitting in my lap and being read to, and playing peek-a-boo. He tries sooo hard to be like his big brother, while still being my littleman.

Happy Birthday, Boo,
Momma loves you.

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