Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Hermes threw up at school yesterday morning. He was feeling fine, if not tired, when he woke up, but at around tennish, he horked. School called me, I picked him up, he was feeling fine again about an hour later. This morning, we wake up nice and earlyu, got all dressed, grabbed the backpack, and drove to school. After I droped him off and got about three blocks away, my cell phone rang. Aparently, I did not retain as much information from the handbook as I thought. Hermes' school policy is that you must be vomit and diarreah free for a full twentyfour hour period before returning to school. Turned around, picked him up, explained to him that he did nothing wrong, and it wasn't his foult, it was mommy's fault, and came home. I feel silly, but the school assured my I am not the first parent this has happened to, and they will send home a reminder to all the parents about the sick-time policy. It was MEA weekend last weekend, so he was home thurs and fri. He was gone over the weekend, home for the bulk of yesterday, and home today. I think we will work on handwriting, and our english reading. That should help keep me sane.

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