Thursday, October 05, 2006

sometimes a flash of brilliant insight makes you feel dumb as a rock

Earlier today I was discussing various housing set-uos with my mother-in-law. Namely, the process of oneday giving Hermes his own room. The subject of Thor, and his bed came up. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, Thor could last six more months in a crib(yeah right!) until Hermes is in his own room, and then we could transfer Thor into a twin bed with toddler rails on it. Being the boys room would be a little snug, this seemed like a better Idea than trying to fit two twin beds in there. Plus we have a full size futon, and a spare twin bed, downstairs in the basement, so Hermes could have a bigger bed, if he wanted...About this time my mind stutterred. The treason I was debating keeping Thor in a crib longer was because there wasn't enough room for two twins, the reason we would need two twins is because the only toddler bed we have found that we like, and that isn't a plastic or cheap metal base, is over $100, and that's kinda pricey for a bed he will grow out of quickly, granted Buddha could use it...Then I had that mental stutter again. What was it about beds and cribs and the basement that was making my mind twitch???

OOOHHHhhhh! It dawned on me...we DO have a toddler bed that we like in the basement!
Shortly before Buddha was born, Mom-the-hipple brought me out to purchase a 3-peice nursery set-a changing table, a dresser and a fully convertable crib. Convertable cribs are cribs that magically become toddler beds, well magically and through the use of supplied hardware. Thors crib was purchased because it was convertable, but the necessary hardware was sold seperately, we didn't by it at the time, and now is discontinued-but with the exception of a few minor scratches and some grime, it is in fabulous condition. The convertable crib, that came with required hardware, that we bought for Buddha is sturdy, good wood and strong metal. I realized that we can put Thor in the convertable crib, in "Toddler Bed Mode", and put Buddha in Thor's crib, after it is cleaned and inspected. We can pick up a new mattress for Buddha, Thor can keep his lumpy mattress, the New crib will be used, the old crib won't get junked, and I don't have to try to keep Thor in a crib for six more months.

I felt brilliant!! At least until I realized that we have had the convertable crib at the house for about eight months, and I have been on the hunt for a toddler bed for about four months. Well, you can't win all of them, but at least I figured i out before we dropped money on something that we ultimately didn't need!

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