Thursday, August 17, 2006

Swell, plus, new blog-names for the boys!

Littleman, as I have stated many times before, is most certainly not little. At two months shy of two years, he dwarfs many a three year old. He is also extremely strong for his age. He is very good at communicating with people, but not so much at talking, more facial expressions, various noises, and the dreaded shriek. Myself and others have realized he is actually very bright, he understands a goodly portion of what is said to him, and follows directions well, at least when it suits him to do so. In order to coax him into using words more, or at least to move his lips when he speaks, I have begun ignoring the shrieks and screams, and speaking like a very clearly enunciating, broken record. This is paying off! Last night I got 'Cookie', 'HELLoooooo', 'Cup!', 'Yellow', 'Green' and 'Frog!GEEE' added to his repertoire of words that already include - baby; howdee, yeehaw, hiYA!, and Buddha's name, plus momma, poppa, dada, dadapoppadada, EIEIO, brother, and bottle. Not as many words as our pediatrician would like, but still good. Since littleman isn't little, and seems to be a man of action as opposed to a man of words, and because I could see him hurling a large double headed hammer named Mjollner rather nicely, his new blog name will now be Thor!

Bigguy, though older than Thor by a good three years, is oddly enough, not big! He is a little monkey boy who is always climbing and running and jumping and exploring and learning. He is very fine of features, and as I know I have stated here before, has eyelashes to kill for. Everyday, he continues to amaze me by speaking more and more like a little adult, as opposed to a five year old boy. He is devestatingly intelligent and knows it, he also knows enough to have figured out that playing dumb sometimes might be the way to go. He is bery good at getting his point across, and, especially for his age, surpisingly good at relaying messages from one person to another. His favorite passtimes are speaking for his brothers, running wild, playing jokes on people, playing on the computer, learning foriegn languages, and quote him "just being me". I think for these and many more reasons, he will now be called Hermes

Buddha is still Buddha, when one has attained enlightenment, that is that. He stopped crying long enough immediately after his immunizations to smile at the nurse who administered them. He was upset about his teething, until lo and behold! He can chew on his fist or toys, and no more pain! He is generally the happiest, most peaceful baby I have ever seen, and there is something very calming and soothing about his eyes. Eyes which fluctuate between light grey, light blue, bright blue, deep blue, dark blue, and a very dark grey-sometimes in a ten minute period! Hubby says they are Titanium, the Dr says they are gunmetal. My spiritual friends say they are old and wise and serene. So Buddha he stays.

Hubby and I, well, we keep our names.

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