Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Beware the Rabid Mommies

I, like all mothers, have moments where I doudbt I know what the hell I am doing, while at the same time being confident that what I am doing is the best thing. I know that I am raising my children the best way I know how, and with the exception of keeping the house as clean as it should be, am doing the right things for them. The key here is that it is right for ME AND MY CHILDREN! Rarely will I tell someone else they are raising their kids wrong. I fully understand that my way isn't the right way for everybody, and is down right the wrong way for a few, I deal with this. If someone asks me for parrenting advice, I let them know that this is what worked for me, but there is no guarentee that it will work for them. Example-out of my three kids, I can count on the fingers on one, maybe both hands, the things that have worked for two, let alone all three of them. Children are suppossed to thrive off of a routine, Littleman does, Bigguy fights it at all cost, so obviously I could not tell another mommie that the routine I use with Littleman is the best there is and if she doesn't use it she is WRONG!!!!! Also, kids devoelop differently, something that is very obvious in Littleman. At 22 months of age, he is very bright, but doesn't talk often. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong, he just doesn't talk. But...but...but...if he's not taaaaalking, how am I ever gonna get him into a goooood pree schooool. I don't plan on him going to preschool till right before kindergarten, and I am most certainly not gonna go on a quest for a preschool that will guarentee him access into Harvard. (Some mommies think this is the worst thing you can do to your child, you know, not have them in the right preschool, fer chrissakes!)
Rabbid mommies are the mommies who their way is the only right way. The tend to be wealthy, or extremely religious, or extremely 'cause"bent somehow (ei-only organic everything), or a combination of the three. I would love to feed my kids only organics, hire a private tutor to teach them everything they will learn in kindergarten and first grade by the time they are four so that their first two years of school are constant tedium, and limit their group of friends based solely on what their parents beliefs are, really, but here in the land of lower middle class suburbia, I do what I think is right from minute to minute- All you want to eat is peanut butter (jif-not organic) and honey on toast, but if I give it to you, you'll drink milk? Okay! Protien and dairy wins! You want to stay up till 9:30 at night, wake up when I do at 6 in the morning, and than nap before dinner? Are you alert during the day and getting the requisite number of hours of sleep? Awesome, you go for it! You want to play under the kitchen, not gonna happen (make note to get new baby locks.) Wanna help Momma give Buddha a bottle, because he is only four months old and momma is weaning him, Fabulous, see how he smiles at his big brothers when they do this! I don't care if in some countries they nurse till the kid is four, I don't care if you and all your friends are nursing your kids till they are one, I am doing what is best for me and my family. So you can have your kids in bed by eight, never give them soda, never let them play in the mud, jump on a bed, run around like idiots, and wear clothes that do not match. These are my kids, and we're doing what works for us. Oh, and the youngest two...they wear DISPOSABLE DAIPERS..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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