Monday, April 05, 2010

It's that month again- AAM part 1

super busy tax prep month for accounting folk
Loki's birthday month
the first month that feels like spring
Autism Awareness Month

As always, a bunch of people always remind me that this is Autism Awareness Month (AAM). I fully understand that I am reminded of this because it's their way of saying 'Hey, I care, and I have no other way to say it.' At the same time, it gives me a steady month of wanting to yell, scream, shout, whimper, moan, cry, tell, explain, and do it all over again that I will never forget that April is AAM. I have an autistic child, a child with autism, a youth on the spectrum, an ASD kid, however the PC way of saying it is now, and the PC way of saying it changes, often.

I am becoming increasingly aware that being he is a child with autism, he will be an adult with autism, as well as becoming more aware that we won't fully grasp what that means until he is older.

Having a son on the spectrum means that I have two other sons who are all to familiar with being on the spectrum. They have come to accept that sometimes, Thor becomes the center of the universe as we try and figure out what, out of a hundred things, could be wrong, is out of place, doesn't feel right, look right, smell right, etc..

Hermes and Loki have become experts, at the ages of almost 9 and very nearly 4, of interpreting Thor's movements, tones, pitches, volumes, happy and sad times, and all else, to give him what he needs, wants, etc...

Hermes has given up having birthday parties, Loki has only had a party for his first. Parties are too much for Thor.
Loki has become Thor's shadow, while understanding that Thor shadows him, as it gives him a feeling of constant companionship.

Loki shares a bed with Thor, as Thor doesn't sleep well on his own, but we are weening him from that dependancy.

Thor used a sippy cup until t wo months ago, at home, except for meal times, as that was what was used, we had to find a surrogate.
Potty training is still happening, as we cannot get him to poop consistantly in the potty.
speech is hit and miss
everything is hit and miss.
but I wouldn't trade it for anything
For all the 'normal' experiences I have lost, I have gained more than I can put into words.
For AAM this year, I am, regularly, going to try and post about what I have gained.
In order to do this, I must touch on what was lost, but will emphasize the good over the bad, and the easy over the hard. Stay tuned.

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