Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AAM part 2- the color green

Thor informed me, after he did a road trip to Utah with his paternal granparents two years back,that there are 236 distinct different colors of green. I do not question this. Green tastes good, but feels bad on the feet. Green lets you know that it's time to go, go fast, and that things are growing.
Green is also the color of the outside of watermelon, but not the inside.
Thor loves colors, and is very specific about them.
Until he told me, I never realized how many things were green. I did not take pleasure in all the green that was available.
His ability to distinguish fine differences in similar shades makes him an awesome picker of green foods. Cukes, peppers, fresh beans, apples all taste better when he chooses them, as he knows what color 'ripe' green is for each of these. He also seems to know the second a banana is ripe, and has no more green, even if you think it's yellow already.
I gained an all new respect for green.

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