Sunday, May 27, 2007

feel so grown-up

Hubbyand I now officially own a home, and a puppy. Married, three kids,, I feel like an adult.
We are going out sometime in the next two weeks to set up an house account. We will set it up to direct deposit mortgage and major bill money directly into-out of sight, out of mind, at least until I write and send out the checks.
No more renting, no more landlords, no more stupid maintenance men-but we have to do our own maintenance now. I just came infrom mowing and weed whipping the yard. I love yard work, and am lookinf forward with a mix of excitement and dread to having to rake all of the leaves our giant friggen tree in our back yard drops.
Hubby's at manards with the FIL right now, being all manly and getting some replacement boards for the deck, and some various tools we didn't already posess.
I am HOME!

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