Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2 weeks post surgery

It's been two weeks and a day since Thor had his tonsils and adnoids yanked. At this point, he is recovered nicely, getting used to sleeping less and feeling better. He is also talking more, but at the same time, less. He jams a little less than he used to. He is more aware that words have a distinct noise to them, and that he isn't making that noise. He becomes very frustrated when I cannot tell if he is saying Cheerios or Cereal, though the two are interchangeable for him, and he doesn't understand why I am soooo giddy when he says either (cereal has a softer start, and a not quite 'o' sound where the L should be, cheerios has a harder start sound, and an exagerated OOO at the end, btw). A month ago, if he wanted cereal, he would hunt down the box, and dump it on the floor. He can say good, now, and Doggie and Cocoa. Generall in a string of Hi Cocoa, Good doggie! Some personal pronouns are slipping, but they are still here. In the fall he will be in a 20 hour a week program, with other kids on the spectrum. 4 hours a weekday, not counting travel time. It will be the longest that he has regularly been away from me, and I worry.
I sometimes think that I pinned a false sense of hope on the surgery magically fixing everything. It is helping some, but making other areas all the more apparent. He is young, yet, and because of this no one can tell me if he's stabil, spectrum wise, if he'll move up and off, or if he;ll backslide.

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