Friday, September 01, 2006

quick, while no one's looking, a blog post!

I have a few minutes break in my cleaning, eating, cooking, mothering...repeat, schedule, so I thought I would post. Hermes is wondering if they will teach him to eat fire in school. Oddly enough, the answer was no, but his momma and poppa know someone who could teach him, when he is much, much, MUCH older, and carrying his own insurance. Thor has persistantly not spoken to me for three days now. TV, books, other people, and food, but not me...I do not know what I did, but I am damn glad he does not posess Mjollner, or my ass would be hurting. Buddha needs to be transitioned to a crib, soon. He is far more mobile than any child still a week of five months should be-rolling both directions, creeping, trying to crawel already, and almost getting himself to a sitting possition.

In other brain, or what remained of it, oozed out my ears about an hour ago, yet I am still functioning. Hah! Take that scientific community and Biology!

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