Thursday, September 07, 2006

first day of school

Last night, after a frantic search for last minute school supplies, we came home, ate dinner, and gave Hermes a bath. He felt it was very important to be clean today, and who are we to argue. We got him into bed a little later than we would have liked, but it was much less difficult than in the past. The first time he got out of bed, he wanted hugs, so hug Hermes got. Then he wanted to tell me something, that he was hungry, I told him he wasn't and sent him back to bed, then he came to the top of the stairs. I calmly explained to him that if he wants to do well in school, he needs to sleep, ten minutes later...out cold. This morning we woke up, cuddled a little, ate breakfast, then got dressed for school. He looked so grown up in his uniform. He looked so proud walking into the building, and he made a freind in the first five minutes. In an hour, his day will be half way done, and so for no phone calls asking if we are nuts, how could we possibly think this would work, and telling us to get him, so that is good. To my knowledge, he has kept all his clothes on, not hit anybody, and not sassed his teacher. He is probably to wrapped up in trying to figure out what the hell she is saying to even think about misbehaving. I am starting to realize that he isn't here. It is a little quiet. Thor is pleased, he has the run of the place, but Buddha is being abnomally fussy. That could be the teeth coming in though. Now, I am going to go and do some cleaning.

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Mom the Hipple said...

I am so excited for Hermes about the whole thing. The fact that he made friends right away and is so excited nad didn't cling to you shows that you and hubby are doing the right thing. As Jazzdad said, "you can tell he is ready to take the next step in his life". BTW, there were at least 4 artilcles in todays Wall Street Journal about China and trade relations with China.