Monday, October 12, 2009

Posting from accounting...hehehe, I made a geeky pun

So, I am sitting in week two of Principles of Accounting I, writing in my blog. Why here, why now? Well, that is a many part answer. First, we are going over our homework questions from last week, and I already have that shit down. Second, well, I have more privacy here in class than at home. Third, it's quieter than at home.
Let me explain. Hubby, the boys and I are currently living with the in-laws again. Joy of joys. Between finances, and the property inspector letting us know that the wee tiny house is a wash, structurally, we are now bedding down with MIL and FIL. It is tighter than I would like, spacewise, and it is way more frustrating thatn I would like, spacewise, but the boys are happy and it will give Hubby and I a chance to get back on track financially. It's also easing some of my concerns about being back in school.

I am starting therapy again this weel. It's needed. my mental health is not what it should be. I just really want to be happy and healthy again, and I don't htink I am really either ofthose right now.

Basically,, just wanted to fill everyone in. Thor turns 5 tomorrow. Loki is awesome and so funny, he will tell you so, Hermes is still smart, still a smart ass. Hubby got laid off, is looking for new employ, and I started school again. Living with the in-laws, trying to not be miserable.

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