Sunday, August 23, 2009

once again, it's been a long time

I really am sorry for neglecting you all, dear readers. I have had a shit-ton to deal with lately, and sometimes, I appear to be the only one dealing wiht it, if that makes any sense.
In housewifeland news, The Troll Who Oives Under The Stairs moved out. He is now living wiht his girlfriend and her mom. I am pleased, as it's about time he started doing things for himself. Are they moving a little fast? yes, but I think it's gonna work out just fine for those crazy kids.

Hermes starts school back up in just over two weeks. He'll be a third grader!!
Loki is more a monkey than ever, and is really pushing the boundaries to just how much cute can keep one out of trouble
Thor. Well, henestly, he is backsliding. When the innitial diagnoses of PDD-NOS came in, almost three years ago, now, we were informed by the good doctor that things could stabalize, get better, or 'get worse', worse being Thor starting to slide towards the more 'typically autistic' end of the spectrum. That slow slide is apparently starting to happen. This is, understandably, taking a lot of my time and patience to deal with.

Hubby, well, he is Hubby.

More later, when I can take 5 minutes to organize my thoughts better.

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