Friday, November 07, 2008


We had conferences for Hermes last night. We also set up his IEP for speech. He will have speech therapy two times a week, in half hour doses. After a month or so, they will adjust as needed. He will also be in a one-on-one setting for at elast the first month-and-a-half to two months.

Well, he is smart. Being in second grade, he has to do the state mandated standardizd testing. For reading, he scored fairly average for his grade level for the begining of the school year- let's take into account he has been in full Mandarin immersion ubtil this year, his English teacher also said that she is certain he is at least a full grade level above that.
In math, he is scoring average- for a third grader- half way through the school year.
Take into account, second grade, begining of school year, oh, and did I mention he was home sick the two days before he tested, not yet at %100 when he tested?

Basically, Hermes is very, very smart, he has some social/behavioural issues that are exactly what you would expect for a second grader, and less thatn what you would expect when you take into account that he is a YOUNG second grader (summer birthday, will turn eight between second and third grade, if he skips no grades, he will not turn 18 until a few weeks AFTER graduation.)

It went well, he is having less behaviour issues than last year, especially after we explained to him that you cannot refuse to do school work, especially not when you are at school.
He is listening better, interacting better, and we all expect to see HUGE improvements once he is speaking better.

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