Friday, October 31, 2008

Enough with the ads already!

I wake up exta early this morning, to six solid minutes of political ads on the radio. I hop up, turn the radio off, and flip on the TV to check the weather and traffic, just in time for another 6 minutes od campaign ads.
In the car ride this morning, to get Hubby to work, I had to change the station on the radio rougly every 10 minutes to avoid, you guessed it, minutes upon minutes of political ads.

Seriously, I am so done with this.

I want to be able to have background noise on without hearing what Coleman, Franken, McCain, Obama, and the dreaded Bachman did. Is that too much to ask?

I know that it it s scant handful of days until the election. I know that this is one of the biggest elections EVAH!!! But I just want some freedom from it all.

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mom the hipple said...

If you listened to KMEM 88.5 in the mornings not only would you not have to listen to ads, since they are a public radio station, but you get the traffic control news every ten minutes during rush hours. The jazz isn't always to great on the morning show, too many vocalists.