Sunday, June 15, 2008

fathers' day

Today, I would like to honor my husband, my step-dad, and my father in law.
My father in law was not a great dad to his own kids, but he is trying really hard to be one heck of a good grandpa, and a good father in law. He routinely takes time out of his own life to help us with something around the house, or to help out when I have been recovering from issues related to my uterus.
Hubby- he did not have a dad growing up. When he was 18, he spent two years taking cre of his ailing grandfather, who was sufferring dementia. Hubby does his best by Hermes, Thor, and Buddha- he can admit that he isn't the greatest dad ever, but he is trying, and does more every day.

JazzCat- my step-dad. At 16/17 years of age, he showed me what a father should be. Loving unconditionally, raising and accepting, he not only rasied his two children well, he accepted me and my sister, with our myriad of faults. I did many things in ly mate teens that I know hurt my mom, and him. He has never heald it over my head, treated me badly, or showed anyhting but love and concern for me. He took a messed up teenager and showed her what fatherly love was, when her own biological father was using the love of a father as a bargaiing tool, something to be taken away when she did not behave to his standards.
Thank you to all of them, thank you to JazzCat, and thank you to mom, for being a dad to sistahgirl and I for many years.

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