Wednesday, March 05, 2008

been a long time since I've rock and rolled

So I haven't updated for a while. It happens, sometimes real life gets in th way.

Totally TMI woman issue warning, men, avert your eyes, I warned you!!!!!!

So I have fallen, once again, into the incredibly irragular period cycle again. It's who whole nasty shebang this time.

After years of being brushed off, being told there is nohing wrong with me, and lord only knows what else, I finally have an appointment with a Dr who is going to try and help. It will be with a male,, wich is odd, as even though all of my babies were delivered by men, I gnerally prefere a female doctor for female issues. I do not mind, though, as apparently this guy is the House of MN odd gunecology issues. Quote one of the women on his team, there may not be anythin wrong with me, but there definately isn't anythign right, and they are going to figure it out.

11:15 on St patty's day, I get to have the first appointment and start figuring out what is going on. I am thrilled, a little aprehensive, but thrilled. Maybe, just maybe, i can get to a point where I only menstruate regular amounts at regular intervals with the regular discomfort, instead of bleeding almost constantly for weeks on end, with huge amounts of pain, only to be told nothing is wrong.

Finally, I may have an answer.

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