Sunday, July 30, 2006

it's hot, plus formula

It's damn hot out. Has been pretty hot for a while, looking like it might start to cool down a little come the middle of the week, but who knows. The heat index is well over 100 degrees, and everyone is going crazy. We in Housewifeland have central air, which is a good thing. Because of the heat, however, we are prisoners in our home, only leaving if we must. It is way to warm for Buddha to be out, Litttleman can only be out for a few minutes, and Bigguy just a little longer than that. Children need fresh-air, they need to run and frolick and be kids, but the heat is so oppresive that they cannot, and they are going nuts, and in turn, driving me up a wall. All I ask is for a cool day that is not rainny and muddy (because even though we are in draught conditions, if it is cool out, it is generally the rare days with rain) so I can take my boys to the park.
Hubby works primarily outdoors. If it is as hot out tomorrow as they say, we might lose a days pay. They are talking actual temps of over 100, with an index of nearly 115-120.

In a non-heat related note...we are trying to gently wean Buddha. This is not going well. The first type of formula we tried he flat out refuse, and gave anyone who tried to give hime a bottle the most pitiful of pouty faces. Now that we have the type of furmula we will actually be feeding him in the house, we gave it another go. It didn't go over well, but better than the first time. He drank an entire ounce and a half before pitching a fit. I want to gently wean him, but if he keeps being this resistant, we might have to do it all at once, where his only choice is the formula. I'd prefer to keep nursing him, but we live in an imperfect world, a world where Momma needs a new glasses prescription, a world where she cannot get said prescription until she has finished nursing the baby, and her hormones and water levels have regulated.

Hopefully it will cool down, hopefully Buddha will wean without too much fight. We'll see

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