Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's a NEW post!!!

Well, alot of things have happened in housewife land since last I wrote. Hubby and I made it legal-so now he really is Hubby. I filed our tax returns. We looked at some places and turned them down. Bigguy is bigger-Little man is now not-so-little.
I have come to the conclusion that everyone I know, myself included, are nuts. We are either very normal in a crazy world-which frightens me, or we are extremely abnormal in a sane world-wich also frightens me. I do not want to accept that the world is "sane", that would mean accepting reality as it is-war, republicans, homelessness, epidemics, and all. However, I am not willing to accept that I and those around me are normal either-that is almost as disturbing as republicans. It's somewhere in between, and I know that I can affect my immediate surroundings, I hope I will raise my children in such a way as to be able to affect global changes. My boys are smart, attractive and charismatic(words of people not related to them as well, I realize I have parental bias) Looks and charisma can gat you far in this country-people have ruled companies and countries with theese alone. You thro intelligence into the mix and they could be unstoppable. I will support them in whatever endevors they undertake when they grow up-even if it be as a professional pump jockey- but I hope that they be doctors, politicians, activists, teachers,scientists-something that will benifit society and allow them to make a change and a difference. I was really down on myself the other day-What was I doing to make a difference? Then it hit me like a truck-I am raising my boys, I the HW2K am raising my own children, not paying otherpeople to raise them so I can work, I am doing it. I am helping shape their world view, beliefs, morals, values, everything. If my children grow up to do great things-it is partly in fact of their father and me.Adversly- if the grow up and do horrible things....

I would like to think that I make a difference. I would like to think that I matter beyond my family. I would like to think that when I die, people will remember me for more than being HW2K-but if all I do is raise my kids right-it is enough.

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