Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Open letter to the snooty poeple who piss me off!!!

Well, I'm feeling prolific today!

Dear people at the store, gas station and restaurants:
Quit pissing me off!!I have enough shit to deal with without you commenting on my appearance or how I raise my children. I can only assume you base how I raise my children on the basis of what I wear,drive purchase and how the dress and act in public being you have never met me nor spent any time with me(Thanks be). Yes-I took the first shower I have had in nearly a week today, I have two children to raise in the hopes that they not act like you, and quite frankly, tho showering falls near the top of my priority list it's not the end all be all of my existance. Yes-my older son was wearing a wizards hat as opposed to a winter cap-but it is wool, warm and let's him believe for a few brief shining moments that he is someone he is not, in a land better than this, with amazing abilities abd talent. Even though he has his unique skill set I am very proud of turning a cat into a teacup isn't one of them. Yes, my little guy wascrying-You know what? Babies do that. a lot. for no reason sometimes. It happens. I am NOT a bad mother because I let him cry for exactly one minute before feeding him. I figured it would be easier for all those involved if I made my breast available outside the bra before he started nursing. And yes, I breastfeed in public, I keep myself as covered as possible and am descreet as possible and if you don't like it, stop staring!!!!! It's a boob! women have them! Hell, some men have them!!! I do my best to raise them well, to teach them respect for all others and let them be individuals.If you don't like it-raise your own children and leave me the f### alone.
Thank you.

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k said...

Evil looks when you let your child cry are the worst. As if they expect you to put duct tape over their mouths the minute they start making any noise.

Eh, they'll have kids one day and realize how naive they were. That's what happened to me. :-)